Leadership Training


…is good for the U.S. Air Force!

…applies anywhere people work together to achieve a common purpose or cause!

For most college students, college can be all about having fun! But having fun for Air Force ROTC cadets, is secondary. Certainly not the main focus of their time spent at college.

Setting Air Force ROTC cadets apart from other students is due to their ingrained dedication, commitment, tenacity, and their love for America.

In addition to these traits, extensive ROTC military leadership training plays a major role in each cadet’s personal development and maturity. It helps cadets develop the skill-sets needed to plan ahead, motivate team members, use teamwork to get things done, and anticipate the need to react quickly when unplanned exigencies require effective and immediate countermeasures.

It is amazing to see how well these young ROTC cadets learn how to utilize their leadership skills to succeed in human relationships, adapt to changing circumstances and accomplish difficult tasks and missions.

Not all Air Force ROTC cadets choose to continue serving on active duty beyond their commitment period. Those cadets who return to civilian life, will still be able to use their military leadership training by using their skills while employed in the private sector; in corporate America, small businesses, or as self-employed entrepreneurs in enterprises they own and operate. In this way, they continue to serve on the home front to serve their as leaders in economic growth and development in cities and communities in Florida, as well as across America.