Intro To SFASC

Important facts about SFASC

  • SFASC grant applicants undergo a thorough personal interview to assure recipients are smart, motivated, cool under pressure and have the skills necessary to become effective Air Force officers.
  • All cadets requesting financial aid must demonstrate their grades are satisfactory and they make a major effort to help them meet their living expenses.
  • SFASC interviewers gain insights into each applicant’s ability, character and potential to succeed.
  • SFASC’s tight-fisted fiscal policies include:
    a) No compensation for serving board members/officers; nor do we compensate them for other common expenses
    b) SFASC minimizes most common business expenses (office rent, legal fees, marketing expenses, etc.)
    c) SFASC’s endowment funds are prudently managed by a qualified Financial Advisor
    d) Most ROTC cadets are U.S. citizens* 

    *All ROTC cadets must be U.S. citizens before becoming Commissioned Officers.

Other worthy SFASC projects:

1. Teacher’s Workshop
This popular program encourages classroom science, technology, math and engineering (STEM) teachers, to incorporate aeronautical science principles into their classrooms. We demonstrate a single hands-on classroom project to show how teachers may easily build excitement and interest for “unexciting” STEM subjects.

Each year, the 40 participating teachers rate our professional education session as superior. The feedback we receive indicates a large number of teachers use the science projects in their classrooms and also spread the word to other teachers at their school, as well as to friends and family members who teach at other schools. This ripple effect, increases outreach levels to hundreds more classroom students. An estimated 5,000 students are reached each year (80,000 during the ten-year life of the program).

2. CyberPatriot
The national CyberPatriot competition endorsed each year by SFASC meets two important SFASC Mission Objectives:

a) Education Excellence

b) Encourage America’s youth to seek careers as cyber defenders.

SFASC intends to maximize Miami-Dade’s team entry count in this popular and fast growing national competition. In 2017, Miami-Dade entered 24 teams* in schools highschools and Middle School).

*Several of these teams successfully competed in local & regional competition; and one team, Hialeah Gardens High School was selected as a Platinum winner in Miami-Dade.