Air Force ROTC

. . . a higher calling for young South Florida students


Many young college-age men and women join Air Force ROTC for a number of reasons. Some join because they want to become pilots, doctors or Air Force line officers; some because they are patriotic Americans, or children of immigrants who desperately want to serve their country; while others choose ROTC as a path to maturity, or an education; or maybe just to enjoy the economic benefits of the GI Bill or an ROTC scholarship*. Whatever their reason, the Air Force welcome their skills, their youthful passion and their pride in being Americans, with open arms.

Some of them are children of military families, or have been members of JRROTC (high school), or the Air Force’s civilian auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol. But most, have never had any contact to military life. For them, this is a healthy transition. Introducing them to a new vocabulary, new insights, new responsibilities, and of course, many new challenges.

It is incredible how well these young cadets rise to the occasion. Most parents can’t believe how quickly their kids have matured, learned how to think for themselves, grasped the benefits of planning, teamwork and thinking before acting. Like college, Air Force ROTC is a learning experience. It teaches cadets many things not learned at home, or their classroom. They are also pleased to see how polite, self-assured and motivated they have become.